Throughout this semester we have completed random assignments. Click on the pictures to learn more about…

Week Fifteen:

Closing DS106

Week Fourteen:

Final Project: Script
Final Project: Matching Game
Update Before the Show
Final Project: Rumors Unleashed

Week Thirteen:

Outline for Final Project
Middle Line for Final Project

Week Twelve:

Where is SpongeBob?

Week Eleven:

On the go with the Radio
Thinking about making a video that includes SpongeBob

Week Ten:

Radio show completed and updates
Radio Bumper I made for the Pod Cast

Week Nine:

Radio Show Logo
Still wanting to fit in
Bumper for Radio Show
Commerical Flying Cars
Radio Show Progress

Week Eight:

Letter to A.T about Tool needed

Week Seven:

Propaganda For A.T.

Week Six:

Conversion with Josh and Dr. Oblivion
Back story of Josh

Week Five:

Tony Zhou’s great series
Black Mirror review
Motion Pictures grouping
updates goals
Flim Analyze

Week Four:

Click here to view my ds106 Radio thoughts.
Click here to view my Radio show with Co Host.
Click here to view cats eating and drinking water.
Click here to view A radio intro by Dr. Oblivion.
Click here to view Radio and Storytelling.
Click here to view about the Moon.

Week three:

Click on Chip Kidd to read about reflections on designs during the readings and videos I watched this week.
Click Here to see my photoblitzer of Rod Wave.
Click the picture to read about my rush around my home.
Click on the bag to see what a man puts into his bag.

Week two:

Click on this picture to read about my experience with Dr. Oblivion

Week One:

Click here to read about my feelings about Artificial Intelligence
Click here to read about Big Hero Six and how Artificial Intelligence was in the movie