I have decided to have a logo that was simple so the public would be able to easily remember the logo that is connected to the Radio Show. I saw the eye in the logo and the catch phrase came to me so easily, “Showing The World Through A New Eye.” I chose this catch phrase because in the Radio we are talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the world. The Radio Name that I came up with was “The Digital Agencies Podcast.” This name came from our group since all of our course characters all work in different companies.

For this assignment I used two different kinds of tools to make life easy on me:

Brand Crowd helped me choose a free design. I feel like I did the assignment backwards because now as I am reflecting on my process, I should have found a name for the Radio Show first and then looked up a designed. I went through so many pages trying to a good design which paid off because my eyes was automatically drawn to the one, I am using.

Next was deciding a catch phrase which was fun to think about, and it matched so perfectly to the logo I had already picked out. I did not use a tool for this because the words came to me so smoothly and easily.

Finally, was picking out a name for our Radio Show which I used River Side to help me out. There were a lot of trials and errors using this site. Most of the suggestions it gave me were one word. I knew that I wanted a full name and not just “A.” I typed everything into that little box: “AI”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Aggressive Technologies”, and finally when I typed “Digital storytelling” is when I was able to find the name that I thought fit our group.

On Brand Crowd you can edit what you want the logo to say. I put our radio name into the biggest text and then slogan underneath and BAM! Assignment completed. The use of these tools made my way easier than I could have imagined. I guess that is why they are tools. 😊


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