Not sure why the beginning is so blurry… YouTube is way better looking.

My main objective was to have SpongeBob on the video and using characters from SpongeBob to make my whole video. I felt like I was restarting on my project but that is okay because I least I know that I can not use animation. I found my news person on YouTube, and I used the program in order to make him say different phrases. The phrases I used were my own wording, but I did the text to speech to get his voice. The news person was not hard because I was working with the program when we were first introduced to it, I did all of my problem solving back then.

During my making of this video, there was a lot of trial and error when it came to animation. Just so everyone knows and understand, you can NOT use animation in colab.research. I tried so many times and wasted so many hours thinking I was using the program wrong, so I started reading those error messages and it kept telling me a face was not found. It finally clicked. NO ANIMATION.

After I got the news person all finished, I started on Dr. Oblivion which was way easier than the news person because the video was already ready for me however I did put it into clipchamp to make the video shorter so it won’t take a super long time in the program. I was so excited that I was able to get the program to work so smoothly.

Next, I had to figure out what to do about my SpongeBob voice and video situation.

For the voice I used a website called which it did not have the best SpongeBob voice, but it was the only website that was not going to charge me, so I took it and ran with it. I just typed what I wanted him to say and in about 5 minutes I got it, and I was disappointed with how it sounded but I mean hey! It was free.

Here is the dialogue for the video: (This was the draft before starting the program and editing)

Introduction person: Welcome to the 5pm news and we start off by saying that Artificial Intelligence has the human society nervous because of how far technology is coming. We have many people upset or angry that now even Tv shows are making it seem like AI is good. We have tv shows like SpongeBob that is doing stand up comedy about AI.

*video of SpongeBob using: A son asks his father why does he speak so quietly at home?

The father replies because there is artificial intelligence that listens to everything we say.

The son laughs, the dad laughs… and Alexa laughs.

Introduction person: Aw yes, the square yellow guy that always makes young kids laugh are even telling jokes about AI. Who knows if SpongeBob is good or not, Dr. oblivion would like to come onto the air.

  • What I asked Dr. Oblivion: Do you think AI is SpongeBob?

Dr. Oblivion: “Oh sure AI…

 Introduction person: Who knows for sure what will happen in the future but we know that SpongeBob square pants will never be lived down. Alrighty folks, that is everything for 5pm news. Have a good night!

For the video, as you may have noticed, there is no video of SpongeBob talking. I spent so much time and energy to find something, anything, and websites. All the accounts I created on the websites just for them to tell me that I need to pay. I hate to say that I gave up, but I gave up. I was running out of time for the assignment, so I had to think about something quickly and I thought, “you know how when you watch SpongeBob sometimes it is the tv static.” BAM! An idea. I was so excited.

I got the static from YouTube again and it helped connect my different parts together of my video. I also used two of the SpongeBob waiting time frame to really draw the SpongeBob vibe into my video without having the visual of him. But something was still missing from my video…ahh yes music in the background. I made sure to add the SpongeBob song while he is talking. I used the same song in the intro while the news person was talking just very quietly.

I got all the pieces I needed and then I had to put them together using clipchamp, which was not that bad, it was just a lot of clicking, deleting, moving around parts. It took me about 2 hours to complete all of the editing, transitions, and rewatching of the video.

All in all, I enjoyed the project, but it was a learning experience. After I finished it and I watched it for the final time, I was happy how it turned out but:

I will definitely give myself a hug because there would be a lot I would change now that I know how everything works with the program. I would add more dialogue talking about the static and make it connect to AI taking over the news show. Thank you to whoever read this post and watching my video.

Thank you to whoever read this post and for watching my video.

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Sarah · April 15, 2024 at 4:59 pm

Bummer you couldn’t get an animated character. I like your problem solving.

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