The first thing I started with was a script I wanted my commercial to say. I knew that I wanted to add Artificial Intelligence along with Aggressive Technologies. Down below is the script I used for this commercial:

NOW!  Introducing an affordable flying car! Josh is giving away flying cars to the first 3 people to call 1-800-fly-cars. With their new Artificial Intelligence navigation and voices to make you never feel like you are the only passenger in the car.  With only having to pay 200 a month to Aggressive technologies, this car is the breakthrough of public transportation for the sky!

*talks fast*: 200 a month for 5 years, no warranty, tires for the road are not included and you will have to pay your own insurance. Colors are limited edition year to year.

Call or go online to buy yours now!

After I got my wording down for this assignment, I used FreeSound to find this audio:

I then moved back to my script, and I put it in Natural Readers and recorded it on my phone. I then emailed myself the audio of the script. Once that step was completed, it was time to push the two audios together using ClipChamp. I was able to successfully create my commercial for the ds106 Radio Show.

This assignment was very easy because I have done this before, but it was more of a PSA and it had images that were connected. Which made the commercial way easier in my opinion!


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