I have watched Big Hero 6 so many times I could probably give you a recap the whole movie in about 10 minutes. However, I was watching this movie just for the enjoyment of keeping my mind occupied. My favorite part of the movie is actually the beginning. The creators know that in order to keep an audience, they need to hook them within the first couple of minutes. The creators of Big Hero 6 knew exactly how to hook us by showing a fighting scene, which is the first scene of this movie. It was a very intense scene, which starts us off to a great movie especially looking at the AI throughout the movie.

At the beginning of Big Hero 6, I noticed the artificial intelligence for this movie would be Baymax. Baymax is made out of vinyl and carbon fiber intended to act as a nurse assistance bot. The difference between Baymax and battle bots is that Baymax is programmed to make his own decisions by using the software he was given, while the battle bots are controlled by controllers. Baymax would be considered artificial intelligence while the battle bots are considered, essentially a toy.


When Baymax noticed that Hero was sad, Baymax downloaded personal loss to his own software by touching the computer. The creator of this movie made AI (Baymax) able to problem solve without the need of human assistance. I thought this part of the movie was very heartwarming. If only real people can download a software to help others in need of emotional support. Everyone always has challenges in life that will test your emotional capacity and if you have no one to talk to about your struggles you will shut down. You can also take note that Baymax can also adapt to different challenges throughout the film. An example would be when Baymax could not walk straight, he looked to the side and started shuffling around the room to make it across. Throughout the movie we notice that Baymax can determine if he needs to utilize the helpful or fighting software in each situation he encounters.

When watching the movie, I had noticed that all the characters were diverse. Meaning that each character had their own role to play in making the story continue. The depiction of artificial intelligence in this movie was used for good however, not all AI in movies is portrayed as good. Baymax was able to determine the correct course of action during the film.


When I first thought of Artificial Intelligence, I thought of the apocalypse. The movies that I can recall off the top of my head would be the movies where AI has failed in some way or AI creation was in the wrong hands. While watch Big Hero 6, I noticed that maybe not all Artificial Intelligence will turn out bad. Baymax was making good decisions even when he had the fighting program in his software. Watching this movie to analyze AI was a lot of fun. It made me think artificial intelligence might have hope in the future instead of destroying the human race.