The colors I used were a soft but powerful blue. During this class we learned that blue was used for future movies and or posters. When I saw all the blue in the background of the car, I knew this was the picture I wanted to use. I also made sure to incorporate my course character which would be Josh.

I used Josh because he is well known within Aggressive Technologies as a head leader for making cars fly. I tried to make him overpower the background picture to show that he owns this project. If you join Aggressive Technologies, you will be able to work with one of the best in Artificial Intelligence.

The emotional appeal would be excitement which is shown by all the scientific items coming the car. This shows that Aggressive Technologies has an idea and it showing the audience what they could be a part of.

Making of the sticker:

I knew that I wanted to incorporate my course character, Josh. Of course, I only have one picture of him, so I had to make it work somehow. I will say that I was not happy about this assignment because I completely do NOT understand propaganda. I never have and no matter how someone explains it to me, it just does not make sense. When I saw that I had to make one, I closed my laptop and now here we are a day later trying to come up with something.

I went to google once a again and I looked up phrases on “artificial intelligence”. Google once again did not disappoint. I went to Soocail and picked the phrase that really stuck with me which happened to be “Imagine. Innovate. Ignite with AI.” I thought to myself, perfect I am almost done. We needed different images and a place I can put it all together.

The image I used was a picture of Josh and I had to incorporate some sort of car in the propaganda. Since Josh was a mechanic, having the car in there was very important. I thought that Aggressive Technologies was trying to hire people that would work alongside Josh. I ended up using a website called Canva to put words and the pictures on the page.

I did a lot of layering and fading to create different kinds of “futuristic” look to the sticker.


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