Click on picture to be directed to the YouTube video I will be using.

The YouTube video is in color, but I changed by putting it into Clipchamp and clicking on the black and white filter. I would like my video to be blacker, but I will work on the look of the video next week.

I will be using this video for its visual content, but I will also be looking for some pop-ups jump scares to add to this video. I have already split up my video and took out the parts I did not want to use.

There is a male talking throughout this video and he will be my character, “Josh.” But a cleaner looking version of him. I will use the videos of him, and I will type up a script for him to say. My focus early next week (or tomorrow) is the script and making “Josh” say his script as well as finding some good scary sounds to use. Then at the end I will put everything together.


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