I was able to attend all the shows this week, which to me is a great thing because I missed the first broadcast we did because of work. This time I made sure to let my work that I needed to leave at 6:30pm to make it to these shows on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

On Monday we listened to Ravioli Radio and Logic Pod. I was excited that most of the class was able to join this and there were a lot of people that were commenting on discord. The first podcast we listening to was Logic Pod and if you want to listen to it, it is below:

Durning their show I noticed that their Artificial Intelligence voice sounds so real. I was jealous that my Character does not sound as good. The music they used was also very entertaining and it worked will with their script. Over all for the first podcast everyone heard, they definitely set the bar high.

Next, we listened to Ravioli Radio which you can hear below:

I think right off the bat the name of the radio show is what caught most people attention. For some reason I connected the name with the movie Ratatouille. Their radio show was edited very well also with the breaking news and layering of audio. This was the radio show that really kept my attention throughout the podcast. The teamwork with this you could tell they all had a great time making it.

Tuesday rolled around and the two radio shows that came onto the air was Pop Perceptive and Three Point Chatter. The first one to air on Tuesday was Three Point Chatter.

This Podcast has an amazing opening to really catch our attention to the show that was about to start. As much as I loved the food commercials, they were not related to the podcast or theme of the podcast. Which is not all bad because sometimes the commercial is very different than what someone is viewing or listening to. The voices that were used where so calming but it did not make me go to sleep so that was good.

Next up was Pop Perceptive:

This one was very interesting to me because I was listening to the podcast through headphones and one part of the podcast was split through one ear. I could hear words in one ear and then in the other was music that was playing. I am not sure if that was meant to be that way. The robotic interference was very entertaining because I didn’t even know what was happening but I for sure kept my attention to the podcast.

Wednesday was the last two podcast which was Aggressive Testimonials and Digital Agencies. The first podcast to air was Aggressive Testimonials on DS106 Radio.

They used their own voices, and they were great! I am not sure how they did not mess up more than I would if I used my real voice. The background music was soft, but you can still here, and it was not over powering. The attitude and sarcasm had me laughing and gigging through most of the parts of the podcast.

Of course it was my groups podcast:

If you want to read my views on the show, I created you can click the button below:

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to the other groups and I made sure to attend all of them. On Monday I was in class, but I made sure to sign in and put in headphones and I am so happy that I attended. I personally think that they were in order with how well everyone did. So, Monday was the best of the best! I see now how other groups incorporated music and sounds into their talk show. I think that if we were to redo this group project, I would change the theme from podcast to more of a show without pictures. I really enjoyed the outcome of everyone’s hard work! Good job class!!


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