This week has been an interesting one for me. University of Mary Washington waited until 8:58am to cancel the first day of classes because it has snowed the day before. The kicker of that was they had until 9am to cancel classes. I know they were thinking about opening campus if they waited that long to make a decision. The first day of classes started on a Wednesday; the middle of the week. Yay us! However, not all classes were completely cancelled, like digital storytelling ds106.

When I had opened up the class on canvas, there was a lot of words and directions. I have been out of school for about three years; I got overwhelmed very quickly. I read everything and still figured out nothing at the same time. I wanted to drop this class because I have never done something like creating a website before and it was proving to be quite a challenge. I ended up scheduling a meeting with Professor Bond to hopefully give this class one more chance. Meeting with Professor Bond was great at helping me breakthrough each step I needed to complete. I enjoy meeting people in person but, our circumstances did not let that happen. He reassured me that things will get easier after I get my web page set up. I trusted his words because I know this is his job and I am sure he does not want people to fail his class. So here I was, looking at a list of items I need to sign up for… again.

Once I got signed into most of items on the checklist he gave out, I started working on WordPress. WordPress was horrible for first time users because of how many buttons and not enough directions. The directions given to us was through words with barely any pictures. I am a visional and hands on learner so, I quickly went onto YouTube and looked it up myself on how to use WordPress. After watching the video, I noticed WordPress started getting easier to navigate. I hope I am going to like ds106 maybe in the next two weeks better than right now. It is proving to be more difficult than I thought the class was going to be, due to the fact that I am not good at having so many tabs on my computer for one class. However, I am not giving up without a fight!


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