I will be creating a show that hopefully will be on the longer side because I really want to showcase everything that I have learned. However, I was having difficulty trying to find a theme for the show. I have been thinking nonstop for about 4 days and I needed some inspiration.

I know from past experience that we cannot use animation to make people talk which is okay. I was thinking of finding something that will keep you on your toes while watching but without having a lot of talking but more sounds instead. I ended up going on google to try to help me find a theme or plot for my show. On robinpiree I was able to find this:

Secrets of the Old Manor: An estranged family inherits an old manor, leading to the discovery of hidden passages, secret rooms, and a haunting mystery from their lineage.”

This gave me a huge idea! What about a tour of an old house? It would be PERFECT! The reason I say this is because it would be in black in white film so it solves my issue of “what if the colors do not line up” and it solves my issue with having someone to talk that will look apart of the show because again, it is black and white.

An old house will have creaks, water dripping, maybe wind if a window is open. It is pretty much an open book for the sounds I could use. Also, I will make it a scary vibe with certain kinds of music.

My plot (if everything goes right) is to have maybe a husband and wife move into an old house and they realize there is more to the house than what they believed when they bought it.

The prompt I will trying to achieve is:

“Characters and Aggressive Technologies. Bring some of the story threads the class has developed over the past several weeks to a conclusion. You might build upon the radio show project or go in a different direction. This concept has good potential for collaboration because you could develop intersecting or interrelated storylines and work remotely and asynchronously. It would be interesting to see how many stories we could get to intersect, or even connect tangentially.”


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