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Read. Last week we looked at AI in film over the years. Since those visions tend to be pessimistic, this week we are asking you to read The Techno-Optimist Manifesto for a bit of contrast. Consider how it relates or contrasts to the film you watched last week and write your thoughts, reactions and reflections. Submit your reflection or a summary thereof to Dr. Oblivion and ask for his feedback. Blog about your reflections and Dr. Oblivion’s response in a post and tag it manifesto


In The Techno-Optimist Manifesto | Andreessen Horowitz ( I would consider all of the lies being true. However, after watching Big Hero 6 I would disagree with some of the lies that this article talks about. First thing I want to talk would be corrupting children.

My first question I asked Dr. Oblivion was, “In big hero 6, are the children corrupted by technology?” This was his response,

I find it interesting how Dr. Oblivion made both sides happy by saying when technology is missed used. Then he also states that it technology can be used to overcome differences and the children notices the importance of using technology as a tool than being corrupt by it.

The same article talks about how Artificial Intelligence can save lives, if we let it. I wonder if we create a nurse bot like Baymax if people would actually go to it for help. From my thinking I made another question for Dr. Oblivion, “If we create a helping bot would people trust it enough?” This was his thoughts on this matter,

Dr. Oblivion states that trust takes a long time to form but with showing it can be reliable multiple times than more people will start to trust the helping bot.

I was skeptical at first about how Dr. Oblivion was going to answer all my questions but, I was surprised at how well and in depth they were answered! He starts all the videos with the same response though which was kind of boring however, the main answer I got from him was very interesting.

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