Good evening Aggressive Technologies,

My name is Josh and I currently work here as a mechanic for flying cars. I was the one who got picked up by you all about 5 years ago. Durning my time here, working with different kind of technologies, I have noticed that we do indeed need more updated Artificial Intelligence within the company.

Right now, all of the AI voices that we are giving the people sound like robots. That is not what the people want to hear. The people have spoken many times before telling us that the voices are our downfall, and we need to fix that. We need to make the buyers want more! If we fix this issue then Aggressive Technologies will be able to gain more money as well as buyers.

I have found a solution, however, in order to make money we have to spend money. Natural Readers wrote me yesterday stating:

Hello Josh,

We see that you are working with Aggressive Technologies, and we would like to offer you our database and our whole website. The world knows that Aggressive Technologies vocal AI is not the best as of right now. We focus on using different types of voices to help people follow along reading, but I think our website would be able to help with the company’s problem at hand. Our offer to you would be two percent cash of each flying car that you sell if you put our voices in the cars. We can also talk about using the different voices for other projects that are in the makes as well. Please feel free to reach out to us if you and your company is interested.

Thank you for your time,

Natural Readers.

I have investigated this website, and I am here to say that I believe we need to jump on this offer because it will help them out, so they do not go out of business. This company has declined very fast because they only have a few voices that sound real and others that still have the robot sound to them.

Aggressive Technologies, we could pick out the good voices they do have and then do a counteroffer of 1.5% of each car. I believe this is what we have been waiting for, a breakthrough like this could really improve our profit. We could put anything that needs to be said in the box so the phrases could be endless. Our cars would have unique voices in them making them stand out against the other flying cars company.  

Please consider this and contact me back or if you would like to talk to me in person, you know where you will find me.

Thank you for your time,


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