This is my PSA for Aggressive Technology featuring Josh, the mechanic. In my video they talk about their flying cars and how the government will respond to this new technology. Losing money on gas as well as roads will become vacant.

In the video I used a lot of different kinds of videos to create mine which are listed below:

I used a YouTube downloader to get my videos and sounds. After got them downloaded on my computer, I used my favorite website: Clipchamp to create new videos. I also made my Josh video and audio from Heygen.

Now I had to put them all together and find audio to get with the videos from YouTube. I wrote up a script and I went to natural reader. I typed out different scripts and chose different voices for each character in the video, including the narrator. I had to use the voice memos on my iPhone to record the audio from this website because if I just downloaded from the website, they were going to charge me.

Next I had to mash everything together using Clipchamp. Which was just a lot of play around, cutting videos putting different ones together, adding audio. I finally completed it and then I forgot about the music that needs to be in the background.

I contemplated going through the whole process of putting in the music. I was so tired, but I could not leave the job unfinished. I found a music sound on YouTube, and I just downloaded it as an MP3. If you want to listen to the full song, you can view that here:

Overall, it was not my best work. I was struggling to find videos that looked similar to the next and it was very challenging for me. Then I could not find a good animation for the people talking in my video and I gave up. Definitely not my beset work but I think I did an okay job.

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