I spent from 12am- 6am working on recording my script and using the program Wav2lip to creating the Josh videos. I also worked on matching up the other voices to the correct spots on the video. I was really hoping to finish this project throughout this night, but I still need to put sound effects on the video.

All of the comments I got on my script were so heartwarming to read and I really liked the pointer I got from others. Some of the ideas I got, I did include but others were very difficult for me to achieve however I did try to create a newspaper because I REALLY liked that idea, but it was hard to put a picture into the video and make it look like it belongs.

I used many websites to help me out for all the voices and getting them into MP3. I also used Wav2lip and we ALL know how long it takes to create one video…I created about 7 different scenes because Josh was position differently in each one.

In order to get the voices I used murf.ai and then I recorded them talking on my phone because I did not want to pay in order to download them onto my computer. For some reason the voice recorder on iPhone sends the audio in a M4A and I need them to be MP3 for ClipChamp and Wav2 Lip as well. I used this website that has been a savor for me this semester.

After I got them all onto my computer by emailing myself the audio off my phone then I had to cut the video piece by piece to get the Josh videos only. I want to emphasize “piece by piece” so one frame of Josh I would have to match up with one of the audios. This part was so time consuming, but I am so proud of myself that I completed all 7 frames in one sitting throughout one night.

Once I got all the Josh videos with the correct audio attached to them, I started putting together my video and the other audios: “the ghosts and the storyteller” which are another 3 characters withing my video. I ended up cutting some of the video because the was a lot of left over video after the audio so right now the video looks like it will be about 4 mins and 30 seconds long. I feel as though because I am putting good quality and so many different angles that it being less than 5 minutes will be okay. Hopefully.

I am so proud of myself for really pushing myself to do so much work because I want to create something that I can show my friends and family! They have been a big support for me during this class and they like to visit my page which makes me super happy.

Anyways, the only thing I need to do is add sound effects and then I will be all done. I am hoping to maybe put in 3 more hours for that and make my total time for this project around 18 hours…for less than 5 minutes…crazy but hopefully it will be worth it.


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