I first started with the Radio Bump by looking at some good songs I could use to give the feeling that the song was on the radio. However, this proved to be more difficult because all the sounds that are on Freesound are weird sounds and not someone actually singing a song. So, I ended up settling for the audio below:

She had a lovely voice and it was very calming and then came the easy part in my opinion because I have websites I stick with when I create audios.  The first thing I did was open up a Word and I started typing a little script on what I would like the host to talk about:

(guy online(natural)) Host: Good evening, thank you for joining us today while we listen to Ds106 Radio. We have a special guest to talk to us about AI technology. Josh take it away.

(Christopher online natural)) Josh: Thank you for inviting me to the beloved DS106 Radio! We can change every single pitch on DS106 Radio if we want to but of course will not change the lovely song that is playing.

After I created the wording I put it into Natural Readers. Then I chose the voices I wanted and recorded it on my phone. Once I got the audio from my phone to the computer, I put all the audio into Clipchamp. I chopped up the clips, formed them together and made sure the music was not overpowering what the host of the radio was saying.

All in all this assignment took me about 2 hours to complete. Which is not that bad from start to finish however that does not include me typing all of this.


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