I decided to make a script tonight to hopefully make this week easier. I picked out all the frames and put them together accordingly. I am hoping to at least make 5 Minutes for my video, and it is looking promising! In the next couple of days, I will be putting some words into people’s faces and hoping they look good enough!

Feel free to read the script but just know that things might still change before it is completely done.

*eerie music in the beginning showing the house*

(person:)    This is the house where Aggressive Technologies started its business and due to the poor working conditions, it was shut down. A couple still lingers around, and you can hear their laughter, footsteps, and the sound of the thud when the wife slipped and fell from the steps. With the husband being the only one in the house, everyone pointed the blame on him. Little did anyone else know but there have always been ghosts running around this mansion.

Josh: Hello everyone, welcome to the house of Jesse and Emily. They were known as the happy couple in their time around the 1970’s and these are the steps that Jesse pushed Emily down and if you listen closely enough you can hear the thuds multiple times. Many people believe that it is Emily falling onto the floor as she keeps reliving the moment.

(person:) Each step you take up these stairs will cause more and more creaking because of how old they are. And looking down you can see how far it is from the top to the bottom of these steps.

*cuts to the girl laying on the floor using a thud sound*

*cuts to the outside of the house*

Emily: help me! I am stuck in a time loop of my death, try to find who did th-

*while Emily says this, put around sound on the knocking of windows.*

Josh: Aggressive Technologies had a lot going on at the time of the 1970’s it was up and coming with all the new inventions like my flying cars and mopeds. I am glad to say that my flying cars are flying all over the roads now. So much has changed within 10 years.

(person) when you come up the stairs you are walking the last areas where Emily was alive.

TIME: 1.36

(Person) Walking through the hallways you can hear crying from the husband

*sound man crying*

*overlap Jesse saying “please I am innocent, find the person”*

Josh: Oh wow! Did you hear that. It sounded like Jesse from way back. I use to work here back when this place was opened but now I run a successful business.

Emily: He was trying to build cars maybe they fly but he could never make them fly until I-

*thud shows girl at bottom of steps*

*overlap with knocking on the windows*

Josh: Actually, when I started my business, I was working with Emily and Jesse, we were all trying to make flying cars happen until a tragic accident occurred leaving me to question what really happened here. Too bad no one will ever know the truth because they are both dead now.

Josh: Woh! As I am walking through I can hear some foot steps up above me! Maybe it is morse code. Lets see if we can crack it for fun.

*overlay footsteps*

Josh: He killed-

*overlay footsteps*

Josh: – for the-

*overlay footsteps*

Josh: -cars to fly-

*Josh glitches out to a different voice*

*Add a tv static here*

JOsh: I am the power to the flying cars and aggressive technology had to be taken down so no one could have my credit. Emily was going to tell the world once she found out I was in it for the money. I played it like it was Jesse who pushed her, but it was me. I killed her. And then I killed Jesse by hanging him by the stairs.

*piano play sad music*

JOsh: Now that everything is out in the open, I feel much better telling the world they are all going to die because they can never get out of the flying cars once they start driving. That is why there are so many missing people and cars in the air.

Emily: Thank you for helping me out, Now I am free!

Jesse: Now Emily and I can be together forever laying in bed, Thank you for helping us solve this mystery.


Paul · April 22, 2024 at 1:03 pm

This creates many opportunities to work with sound effects. I wonder to what extent you could let sounds and images do the talking. For example, the first paragraph could be done with interior shots and sound effects, and faked newspaper headlines covering the tragedy and blame. You could also play with imagination. If you put the sounds of the tumble and thud together with a shot looking down a staircase, and had the right mood music underneath, would that make a spookier alternative to actually showing the body?

My other thought is that this might work well as a trailer for a movie or true crime show episode. That might make it easier too, because you could condense it to the most essential elements and leave some of it as a mystery. Just a thought.

August Glover · April 23, 2024 at 1:01 pm

Your writing is like a breath of fresh air in the often stale world of online content. Your unique perspective and engaging style set you apart from the crowd. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Floyd Batz · April 23, 2024 at 1:04 pm

I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and I’m continually impressed by the quality of your content. Your ability to blend information with entertainment is truly commendable.

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