The progress and process of my group has been challenging for me. I am not much of a group worker, especially when we cannot meet in person. I am not enjoying the process of working in the group because it seems as though the other two group members are teaming up to do the script…I feel like I am not doing enough for the project. I made sure to let my group members know that I am here to help however, I do not want to step on anyone’s toes. I do not even know if the radio show will have different kinds of voices because my group members are not communicating that well…I guess we will see what it ends up being like next week.

Our group has worked out that Peter and Rishi will work on the script, and I was going to create the logo and the name of the Radio show. We will each be doing a radio bumper and a commercial. We have three people in our group so that part was easy to figure out.

The different kind of tools I have used to far in making the radio bumper and commercial was:

Even though this was an audio project I found it easier to use Clip Champ because I have used it so many times, so I worked smarter and not harder by using this software than Audacity. So far, this project is going well for the different assignments I have been doing. I made sure to create audio assignments that my group could use for the Radio Show.


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