Boy oh boy, this week has been one for the books! This week I experienced something call brain frog. I struggled this week completing any of work for about 4 days straight. No work and no school I was stuck with trying to relax my mind so that I was able to get calm my brain.

With that being said, I need an extension on week 6 work for DS. Which I just finished it tonight:

I decided to Talk to the Bot, choice A. As soon as a read this assignment I knew it was for me to create. If you want to read my struggles and watch the outcome, you can click on my character’s picture down below.

Next thing on the to do list for this week was developing Josh! His back story you can access by clicking on the button below! Remember everyone has a past, try not to judge him because this is the first time you are meeting him!

Of course, the daily creates for this week!

Overall, it was a very light week and I really enjoyed creating the AI for Josh and putting a voice to a photo as well. It took a whole a lot of time trying to figure out a face and a voice all in one day, but I completed it with the best of my ability. I really wish I could have done it on time, but I am happy that our Professor was understanding. It made me wish we had this class in person.

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Sarah · February 26, 2024 at 11:31 pm

Sometimes I wish we had class in person too. I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s blogs, but I wouldn’t know if I was standing next to another classmate.

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