I had a great time hearing Stream Moon Graffiti. The first thought that popped in my head was how many different sounds they put over top of the voices that were talking. As I made my audios for this week first, I know how long it took to create a good sounding overlap of two different audios. The sounds drive the story in many different ways.

The first way it drives the story would be the voice of talking; with the audio being mumbled a bit which leads me that something has the main attention of the talker. Then comes the sounds of the beeping which slowly fades away. The sound effects brings in listeners in and puts a picture in the head of what could be going on. Abumrad has a good explanation on the story telling if you want to know more about it click here.

When the speaker is telling you know it is important that they have to say when things go quiet. Creating a mood is also important because it gives the listener more of an atmosphere. Like when you watch a scary movie, and you know a jump scare is about to come on when the “spooky” music comes on. Abumrad explains that using different audio you can drag out sounds which makes it disrupted but yet you still hear a little bit of the original sound.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed diving deep into the world of audio storytelling. The first thing I had to ask myself, was what is storytelling? After doing the reading and listening, I believed that storytelling is an ancient thing that humans have done for a long time. We bring people in by the sound of our voice or sound effects, and we create a circle that humans want to listen to. Then I ask myself, what is audio? Audio is a sound that is in wavelengths that creates some sort of story or sound to listen to. Now, I put them together to create audio story telling. I think that when you break down audio storytelling, it gives you a beautiful piece of artwork. Whether you put two sound effects together or put words together or maybe one of each. You will create a story and a story is an artwork.