I am just going to say right off the bat that I was so excited to watch this episode. I have never seen this series before, but I have heard so many reviews on it. Now I know why! It was amazing from the camera angles, the movement of the characters, background noise, eyeline match, lighting to give us the mood of different scenes.

All of these items are what made this such an interesting show to watch. The better the assembly of a show is what pulls the viewer into the show and the feelings of the characters. It was so hard to think about how scenes were made because I was so into the plot of the show.

Nevertheless, the birds at the start of the show bring our attention to where the shows setting would be; the setting would be the country or maybe the suburbs. The chirping also lets the audience know that it is the morning time. Another thing that this filmmaker did was to make the fly buzz more pronounced to draw us into looking at the fly. The color of the police lights “shinning” into the room gave the audience a feeling of sorrow even before we saw her face. It was the mix of the plot with color to give us a foreshadowing to the police being at the door. The longer seconds after the death that is shown a up close visual of the women looking sad. The lighting of the show also changed from a bright tone to a blue darker tone after the husband died.

This is best shown and noticeable when she goes up the attic and it is looking through pictures. The scene is dark and gloomy. Fast forward a little bit to the camera tracking the women rushing to the bathroom to throw up. Which was a genius of showing the audience the urgency of the situation. Nature also plays an important role in this show because it gives movement to the still character. We see this multiple times throughout the show during the country/mountain scenes with the hair movement and the clothes shaking all around. Other than nature movement there is also the camera than gave us movement through different angles like when the women is unboxing the character. The audience showed her back while the main focus was the unboxing. It was like we were in the room with her. There were multiple different kinds of camera movements, I am sure I probably did not catch them all!


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