I have decided to bring my first ever picture of my course character: Josh. It brought my memories to use an old picture. I hope you enjoy my last video in DS106.

I have never had a class that I enjoyed so much that it pains me to leave everything behind. You know what they say, you never you what you have until it is gone. The number of hours I have spent on this computer trying to get everything perfect because I, myself wanted to make something I was proud of. For me, this class was not about getting a grade but instead it was growing my knowledge from making of stickers/ logos to making full videos.

I remember starting this class thinking I needed to drop it because it was so hard and time consuming. I am so happy that I stayed and pushed through the late nights at the beginning of the semester. It was 100% worth calling mom and complaining about how hard this class was. By the end of the class, I was able to show her how far I have come.

Right now, for me, it is a bittersweet moment. I say this because I have learned so much but I really do not want to stop learning. I felt like a kid again, playing around with video and audio. This class was not class but instead it was a family with all the commenting and reaching out to one another. It is a support system that I will truly miss.

Here is to a GREAT semester, a family online, and the best class I have ever taken. Thank all of you for following along my journey in DS106. I will miss this family we all have created. DS106 4 Life.


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