The question that was asked of me was:

Watch. We will be working with a theme of artificial intelligence this semester, exploring questions like: How can we use AI applications to enhance human creativity in storytelling and making art on the web? Should we use AI at all? What is our role in preventing the apocalypse? Can we save the world from oblivion? In order to inspire our thinking around these questions, we’re asking you to watch an AI related film of your choice.


Artificial Intelligence reminds me social media in the fact that it is not real. There might be a little truth behind all the editing or picture/ videos we view but most of it was made to make the audience intrigued. Social media has influencers that most of the time have something done to them. Lip filler, nose job, botox etc. Influencers will also use a software called photoshop to delete and or add items to the pictures they post for others to look like. Artificial intelligence takes that one step forward and uses different software and machines to give us a different look than what the naked eye sees behind the scenes. There is no limit on what you can make the audience view while using AI. I have seen artists make dead people speak on how they died with just a picture of a face.

With more people starting to use AI, the scarier it is going to be in the world. The reason I say this is because, it will cause more trouble than entertainment. AI looks so real and that means people are able to create false advertising and information. I would say our best bet would not use AI at all because it can get into the wrong hands. Once it gets into the wrong hands it is only a matter of time before the end of the world. Whether it is robots who will turn against humans or humans will program robots to kill. Either way the world would be a lost cause for humanity and the future. I feel as though we have already come too far from saving the world from oblivion.