I was unable to join the discussion due to the fact that I worked late pretty much every day this week. However, I did end up going back on discord to read what most people had to say. Professor Bond was able to send me the links, so I was still able to listen to some of the radio I missed.

In the radio, I do not know why but the voices that were carried throughout the radio reminds me of the voices of the Simpsons. Which was funny at first and then I really started to pay attention to the way the audio was set up. With the voices that mix with different sounds. In the radio with the dice, you can really see how they used both sounds at once. You can while you hear the dice in the background was two different sounds put into one second.

They all have an old sound of the radio. When you think about how people use to listen to the radio vs. now there is a big difference in the sound quality. Back in the day things had a kind of “old” sound to it and now everything is very crisp sounding. I never realize that listening through headphone could change how well you are able to hear different kinds of audios.

Listening through headphones I can hear all kinds of activity in the background


The timing of the ds106 radio is really well done. Meaning that the people talking have no pauses where there should not be. Overall, very good audios that I inspire to create one day

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