I would like to start this weekly summary by saying, WOW! This week overall was a great and very insightful week for this class. I ended up automatically setting up an appointment within the DKC to learn more about Audacity. Of course, it was very helpful in starting my week even though the class was only 30 minutes long. I was ahead of myself it felt like because I was not overwhelmed for once during class. I would recommend anyone struggling to head over there and get some help. There is nothing wrong to ask for help when things are getting more challenging.

We started this week by watching Abumrad’s two videos which were very informative on what this week has intel for us. My summaries for those are just a link away: Understanding Radio and Storytelling – The Wisdom Well (kelbellz.com)

Then we had to listen to an audio that in my opinion was based off of the moon landing. Which was my favorite part of this week because it intrigues me that people have been on the moon before. You can read more about my emotions by clicking on the button that reads, “Moon”

After we were done listening, our professor wanted us to create a radio bumper. Which turned out so much better than what I had imagined in my head it would sound like. Speaking of radio, ds106 actually has a radio station! Which I am upset because I was unable to attend to any of them because my job is very short staffed, so I ended up staying well pasted my scheduled time…but my professor helped me out so much by sending me some of the radio, so I was about to listen to parts of it.

Click on this above photo to read more about ds106!

The radio bumper was fun to create yes however, creating the sound effect assignment was super fun. Like I said before this week was so much fun! I love anything having to do with cats which is why my sound effect story is a cat eating. You can here the cat eating and drinking water if you here. This assignment was actually one of the assignment banks. But do not worry because I did three other ones this week you can view, the post if you are interested are located in the button that states, “Kalimba”.

Along with sounds of music, I also created some art pieces this week for the daily create:

kelbellz: “@tdc #tdc4410 ” – ds106 Social

I did this create because I automatically thought about those cheesy drawings that kids do. With the sun in the corner and the line birds. In my eyes these are perfect!

kelbellz: “@tdc #tdc4409 I chose this pi…” – ds106 Social

I remember taking this photo and thinking to myself what if I jump? Will it be a different world? Like a secret entrance… to another world.

kelbellz: “I made it look like a pokemon …” – ds106 Social

I loved the vibrant colors that this assignment provided me. This creation makes my soul happy, and I wish I could tell you why. Maybe it is because I loved pokemon as a kid and who doesn’t love vibrant colors?

After all the creating with audio and the daily creates my mind was so tired but I had to make sure that I was able to have input on the radio show myself and my classmates were going to create which you can read my ideas if you click on this link: Radio Show with special Co-Host – The Wisdom Well (kelbellz.com).

I am here to pronounce that week four is Digital Storytelling is COMPLETE! I hope we are going to dive further into the audio world because it was actually really fun but not super easy. Till next week!


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