This week I was ready to start working on my assignments because of how smooth last week went. However, when I opened up the week, I noticed that we had to learn something new again. Which made me overwhelmed but nevertheless, we started to work on it one by one. I ended up posting some sort of update to my goals because I feel like I know more than I did coming into this class. My thoughts and feelings does leave an opening ended question: what is school if you do not learn something new each class? I am beginning to appreciate this class and yes it can be difficult at times, but it is very rewarding to see the outcomes of our projects.

I have learned my approach to this class which would type all my thoughts and feelings on a word document and then on Friday, after I come home from work I put it on my website.  This makes it easier on my brain because I can do all the work throughout the week and then put it all together at the end. So, in my head, first I do all the work and then I put it on the website, and then finally make it all to connect to the page with the post.

With that being said, below is my work for this week!

We started out strong by learning our terminology with the reading that were assigned to us. I ended up taking notes during my readings so that I can go back to them in the way that I understand them. I must break down readings to very simple terms and if you would like to read about how to analyze a film click here.

If you want to maybe watch some videos that were assigned to us instead of doing the reading you can always click on the video play button to bring you to the different videos and my reactions and or outtakes from them.

If you click HERE it will take you to my review of this show!

Now was the part that I could apply what I read and watched so many videos on. Grab your bucket of popcorn ladies and gentleman because we are watching a scene from Tomorrowland.

if you want to read how I made this please click on the button below

Our professor then gave us two daily creates to do this week, which was nice!

Overall, this week was a pretty much light load which me feel like a could take a deep breath from this class. I would say that I am learning a lot but for some reason, I feel like I will have to learn another software for this class soon. Hopefully the DKC will still remind open to help me!


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