Each week I open this class workload expecting to be on my computer for 15 hours plus like what we were doing at the start of the semester. However each time I open it, and I see it is only a couple of things to get done, I get happy. The reason I get happy when I open this class workload is because I have come so far since the beginning to now.

I was honestly thinking about dropping this class, but I am happy that I stayed. This class has been so much fun and creative. I have learned so much about different things like creating videos, sounds, and websites.

This class is everything I wanted, and I am happy that I stayed to see the beauty in this class.

Week eight was so much fun letting my mind and fingers flow onto a word document. We were asking to create a tool that Aggressive Technologies would want to work with and or acquire it. I made mine as a letter style which you are able to read about down below by clicking the picture:

The next assignment we needed to do for the week would be complete three daily creates which by now everyone should know they are my favorite thing about this class.

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Paul · March 16, 2024 at 2:46 pm

We’re glad you stayed too. I don’t really want the initial workload to intimidate people, I just want it to impress upon them that there is a work commitment to the course. But hopefully it’s fun work.

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