This week was a very different pace for me. Dealing with group work without knowing or even having met them was proving to have me defeated. The reason I say this is because I was dependent on other people and not just my work. None the less, everything got done in time for this Friday.

In this week I was given two audio assignments which I completed to the best of my ability. I thought that I did well on both, however, I think I might redo my radio bumper. I am happy with the assignment, but I want to change it for the radio show because I feel like it does not fit in that well. The other assignment I did was an audio commercial which was fun, and it challenged the creative side of my mind. Down below are both assignments which I put my audio in SoundCloud.

If you want to learn how this was created click Here.
If you want to learn how this was created click Here.

Next our professor wanted to know how the progress and process of the actual radio show was going which you are able to read as well if you click the button below.

Since we are creating a radio show, of course we had to create a design which you can read about how I created it if you click on the picture below.

With all of these assignments we had our famous thing we do each week: Daily Creates. However this week we only had to do three. I remember at the beginning of this class we were doing five a week. I do not miss those times…well maybe a little bit because they are my favorite thing in the class.

Till next week.


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