This week we were asking to create history based items. I hate history, anything that has to do with it. I did however, complete all my assignment this week. Which the assignments were only two of them because I do not really count the daily creates because they do not take much time.

The first assignment was to create propaganda that was based on artificial intelligence or Aggressive Technologies. I chose to incorporate both in which you can see below. I created a sticker intended to be on a car.

If you want to know more about the design you can click on the sticker.

Next, we needed to create a Public Service Announcement which proved to be more difficult than I had intended. But down below is the finished product.

Both of these assignment were over all fun but, the video was frustrating to create.

For the last “assignment” was my 3 daily creates

Thank you for joining me again and reading my words and thoughts!

*P.S. if you would like to read about others view on Aggressive Technologies you can view my post here.


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