This week I had to do 3 assignments from the bank. The catcher was that the assignments were only suppose to come from AudioAssignments – Assignment Bank ( They also had to contain some sort of course theme of AI or Dr. Oblivion in two out of three assignments. The two assignments that I chose are connected to Dr. Oblivion.

I found one assignment that is called Consult with your Doctor. The instruction are:

“If you give Dr. Oblivion ( ) a questions or directive, he will give a response of up to a minute, which may or may not be loaded with snark. For this assignment you should download MP3 of the Doctor’s response, import it into Audacity and cut it up and insert your part of the conversation, which doesn’t necessarily have to match your original input. You may download a few MP3 responses from https://oblivion.univerty/ to get some personality variation. And you don’t have to let him have the last word.”

Consult with your Doctor – Assignment Bank (

I was so excited that I found this assignment because it relates to what I need to complete this week. I started by pulling up Dr. Oblivion and asking him a question having to do with what his office hours are. Which of course, he had a smart remark. If you want to hear my conversation with him about his office hours you can listen to it here:

To get my responses was actually kind of difficult. I had no idea where to star using my own voice because I was not taught in my 30 min intro at the DKC. I ended up using an app on my iPhone called “Voice Memos” Once I got my different responses to Dr. Oblivion, I saved it and sent it through my email. From my email I downloaded it and then of course, Audacity did not accept that format. I then went on google and asked to convert the audio to WAV. This website:  MP3 to WAV Converter online – saved me multiple times during this week. I was then able to cut and paste the “conversation” with Dr. Oblivion. I think it turned out great in my opinion as this is my first time doing anything close to this.

I would give this assignment an 8 out of 10. 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest. The reason it was so difficult for me was because I had to find a voice recording app and then I had to convert it into WAV. After that, the cutting and pasting was not necessarily hard but very time consuming.

The other assignment that had Dr. Oblivion in it was a tongue twister. To find a tongue twister, I opened up google and I was giving Tongue Twisters Generator ( I clicked through a couple of them until I found one that was a little bit silly. I wanted people to laugh at the tongue twister. But the more I tried to make this assignment sound good, the worst it sounded like. The instructions you are probably wondering about are:

“Say any tongue twister as fast as you can and include a background sound to layer it.”

Tongue Twister – Assignment Bank (

It sounds like such an easy task! But it because more and more difficult because first I had to hear myself talk and then go as fast as I could. I would say that I set myself up for failure! I finally got myself to say the tongue twister as fast as I could like times and by the fifth time, I gave up and I put it into audacity. Then I needed a background sound which I found on  Freesound. Putting my voice along with a sound is not as good as it sounds. I had to make the music quiet because I could barley hear myself talk. If you are looking for a good laugh and disappointment, you can hear this audio here:

I would give this assignment an 8 out of 10. 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest. The reason it is so high in the rankings was because I had to use my own voice and there were people around me and it just sounds horrible.

So that leaves one assignment, one that is not related to a course through AI or Dr. Oblivion. Of course, I picked this next assignment dealing with instruments. I always grew up with my mom always playing different kinds of instruments so I was excited to see this assignment. The instructions are shown below:

“Using a Free Notation software (such as musescore) Create a piece of music using 3 instruments. The piece can be as long or as short as you would like, in any style but it must have 3 separate and distinct instruments.”

3’s A Band – Assignment Bank (

In my masterpiece, I used the sounds of a Kalimba, handpan and, a guitar. I had so much fun looking and hearing many different sounds you can get from these instruments. The reason I chose these is because my sister has a Kalimba, my mom has a handpan, and I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. To hear the song, I made you can click the play button.

The sounds I got to create this was also from Freesound.

I would give this a 3 out of 10 for the challenge of this assignment because I found it fun to create but also it was hard trying to find the instrument that had a similar tone so I could match it with another instrument. The guitar sound I chose was a different sound than just strumming so that way it could somewhat go along with the other instruments I chose.


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