During this week we had to watch two “starter” videos to make us start thinking about the radio and storytelling. During the first video:

I like how he was able to use words to create a picture into my head. He states that with radio they have to use co imaging to create the full experience. Connecting from this radio because one person has the voice and the other one or ones have the paint brush. The voice has many different styles like deep, high pitched, that voice than kind of leads off in sort of a question. He believes that radio will never die. I agree with everything he has to say throughout this video especially how the radio will never die.

The other video we had to watch was:

He states that a job as a storyteller is to make sure to create a circle of connections. The “good” story is in a kind of dream state which everyone wants to go or hear about. Now a days we have so many layers and weird noises. Abumrad mentions that the storytelling is from a very long time ago where it is ancient.


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