This is now my I think third radio bumper I have made so it was pretty easy to make using clip champ and natural readers.

This week I redid the bumper to use for the radio show because the bumper(connect with page to week 9 bumper) I had already created was not my best work. I throw that one out and I used this one.

I started this bumper with making some lines to use in natural reader:

“You are now listening to DS 106 Radio. Whether you are on the go or just sitting down, hopefully you are enjoying the talks and even the commercials, Some of the commercials in this radio are a great way to help business grow Including Aggressive Technologies, the main company right now to expand their Artificial Intelligence usage. We all know how AI is becoming a huge thing in the world today, which is what The Digital Agencies Podcast will mention. Now back to the main show.”

(Emma online natural) 

After I recorded the lines then I headed over to FreeSound and I found this incredible sound:

Of course, I head over to Clip Champ to put them all together. Which gave me this amazing audio and I believe it turned out great! However, I am unsure what exactly happened, but the music was supposed to play through the entire bumper but that was not the case. I had sent it to my group to use for the radio show and no one said anything about it missing music…maybe they just thought it was supposed to be like that.

When I was listening to the radio show and my bumper came on I knew that I had messed it up somehow. I asked my group if I should fix it and they said no it was okay. Deep down though, I wanted to fix it so badly. I did not want the person who put together all the sounds to redo the radio show because I sent them a bad audio, so I did not bother asking them again.

All in all, I really enjoyed making this and if I had not messed up, this would have been my best one yet…in my opinion!


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