I think that this project will be fun! I know it is going to take a lot of time and effort but what is something great that doesn’t take time and effort. My character is actually based off of someone I know, and I am hoping they will help me get the correct voice I need in order to make my life just a tiny bit easier. My character is shy at first so maybe he won’t do a lot of talking in the beginning of the radio show but at the end he will be the one talking the most.

As for the “plot” of the radio show I have no idea until I know which other characters I will be working with. Everyone’s character has a different personality that we must take into account for when conversating with others. Like my character he likes boring items like water and soup. My character is a boring person but has a great personality once he starts opening up.

I am very excited to work with other people to make a radio show and I am hoping that we can do a zoom call, so I am able to meet my classmates face to face. Only time will tell me who I will be working with.


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