Josh is a Mechanic from a small town just outside of Aspen, Colorado. Everyone knew everyone and Josh did not like that a whole bunch growing up. Josh was different because he liked being outside and was always wanting to work on different kinds of technology. He knew the only way he was going to be able to get out of his small hometown was to get recognized.

Josh started working on old cars that no longer were able to drive. He was rebuilding the cars no longer to drive on the road but instead drive in the air. He would work day in and day out trying to succeed. He found out very quickly that the cars no longer needed gas to start working but instead he would put a program to make it fly without having someone behind the wheel.  

Mega-multi-national corporation Aggressive Technologies started hearing rumors about a man named Josh. Apparently, he was working in a ran down garage which this company did not like. They went down to Josh’s hometown in order to offer him a deal.

They offered him a job in this corporation to work on robots, cars, machines, and different kinds of technology. He happily accepted his offer because this was his ticket out of his small town.


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