In the assignment(It’s not art, it’s data – Demystifying AI ( we were supposed to go to two different websites to create a phrase that AI would be able to make up for us to look at. I decided to go to Craiyon and Stablediffusionweb.

What I got from Craiyon was not horrible:

However, I thought the Stablediffusionweb was going to do better:

Boy was I wrong! It is crazy how even though using the same phrase, but a different AI generator website would change a picture so much! As you can now see both websites got the close up and the ice cream but, Craiyon did a way better job of showcasing Rod Wave.


destiny · February 2, 2024 at 8:30 pm

i think it’s really interesting how you used two different programs to show how different the responses can be based on program!! it kind of makes me wonder if one program might know more than the other, and thus be able to show the prompt better

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