I started this with getting a video editor on my computer. I realized very quickly that iMovie was for an apple computer which is not what I had. So I ended up downloading MS Photos app. Then I started to look at the list of movies to pick one to use for a review. I decided to use Tomorrowland which I have been wanting to watch but never got around to it.

I tried downloading the movie through YouTube but that did not work because I did not have YouTube prime. Of course, my assignment just got harder. Then I thought about how I changed the link to get my audio to the correct format. I ended up going on google and finding this link. Again, this was a life saver! It downloaded in about 2 minutes, and I was able to use the clip and talk over the clip. I think the hardest part about voice overs is hearing your own voice on the playbacks.

The number of retakes and rewatches I had to do for this assignment was crazy! If you are interested in the how come of this assignment, you can click on the picture to start playing it.

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