Big Eyes

When I first started my journey looking at which assignment I should create this week, I stumbled upon Big Eyes.

“Make the eyes twice as big”

BIG EYES – Assignment Bank (

The reason I clicked on this assignment was because I remember when I was litter, a movie was about to play in the theater. The move that I waited so long for finally came out was titled Big Eyes (2014) – IMDb. I was not disappointed in this move. This assignment pulled me in because I feel like eyes are an opening into the soul. It intrigues me that everyone looks at the world differently through their own eyes. To make the look as though I have big eyes, I used an app called photoshop I got my phone.

The easy part was downloading the app on my phone. Now was the hard part, picking a photo that did not show all of my face. I had fond this one which was taken on November 12th, 2023. The button that I use to make only the eyes bigger was called “reshape”. I then started moving around my finger on my eye in a circle and it started making my eyes bigger. It was easy once I got the hang of that particular tool on the app.

A Killing or Just a Fun Night?

In this Assignment they wanted me to create a movie poster that has a different feeling than the plot of the story line.

“Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves. For instance, you can have your movie be about kids playing on a Summer day, but your ad shows a spooky side to the plot. A good “everything is not what it seems” kicker. Your movie could be an action packed movie called “Fight It”, but in your ad you can show everyone laughing as if it is a comedy. There are many ways you can mashup this assignment. Make it your own!”

Is this the right movie? – Assignment Bank (

My plot would be than an Artificial Intelligence bartender made all of our drinks. While handing us all our drinks one at a time the bartender would have a creepy smile to the person who got their drink last. Kelsey unfortunately got her drink last, with a creep smile and a tilted head, the bartender states that one sip will do it. Kelsey was so weirded out that the friend group decided they would play drink roulette.

While playing roulette Kelsey still ended up with the “special drink.” While they were all sipping their drinks, Kelsey started feeling weird. A feeling that she has never felt before. She started singing out of nowhere while she was stumbling all of the place. Kelsey was drunk. Yes, the AI bartender did slip something into the drink, but it was nothing to kill her but for her to join life. Whether the Artificial Intelligence messed up on purpose or maybe the computer system within got messed with will always be unknown. However, instead of the movie poster/Ad being dark and or scary, the movie is light airy and filled with a bunch of singing.

Photoshop came in handing again for making a movie poster. I clicked on a picture I took a while back ago and started immediately on the job. I clicked on the button that states “text”. My brain started to power on and my fingers were trying to keep up. I settled on this title because one of my friends actually got acholic drinks while my other two friends got regular drinks so there is one drink that is darker than the others. I was a fun assignment to do because it brought me back to a good moment in my life. When I took this picture it was during Enchant Christmas – Enchant.

My Soul

I am missing the candle I saw at Target! I have decided to put up a missing sign for this candle that looks like a skull. The assignment said to do a person or a character but what is fun about making a missing poster with people. So many missing posters are for animals, humans, and characters but you do not see a missing poster for a candle!

“Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster!”

Missing Person – Assignment Bank (

To make this poster I used a temple from google 41 Printable Missing Poster Templates (Flyers & Signs) ( I downloaded with just a couple of clicks of my mouse. I then opened up word and started to fill out the template with my own information. It was easy to fill out until I had to upload a picture into the spot. The picture I had taken, was very large so I had to make it fit into the box within the template.

While doing this project I started getting curious about the candle and I tried looking it up on but nothing showed for it. That is when I made a google search for the picture I took and BAM! there it was on Ebay 38oz XL Ceramic Skull Figural Candle Black – Threshold | eBay I am thinking about getting it now that I have found another one.


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