I have to say that I clicked on three different websites that were kind of hard to navigate so I ended up leaving them because I could not find their PSA.

However, I think that Josh and Dr. Ravioli should team together to create cars and moped. Dr. Ravioli really has something special so far that no one else seem to understand other than Josh. Wanting to learn more about Dr. Ravioli moped PSA, here is their website:

That will take you directly to the PSA. Thank you Dr. Ravioli, I hope you and josh will be able to speak to each other soon!

Maybe after Josh and Dr. Ravioli talk they can try to turn around Xander from not having a good experience with Aggressive Technology into a better one. Xander thinks that this company has not been treating their employees well but needless to say that Aggressive Technologies helped Josh get out of his small hometown and gave him the greatest opportunity of his life. By clicking the button you can hear more about Xander PSA.

Then we have Leila, which also had a bad run in with Aggressive Technology and you can bring up their PSA by clicking on the picture.

I guess Josh was one of the lucky few that has his pockets lined with cash. I am hoping that Josh does not get laid off and the company will take away his money that he has earned.

I think that with most companies, everyone has good and bad reviews. Depending on where you are working within the company will depend on how much you enjoy working for said company.

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